Radio Quechua

The most widely use Quechua  communication outlet is the radio. It is economical and not hard to set up. Most of these radio stations are privately finance,  partially finance by NGO’s or companies such as Xtrata, they are not protected in any way by the government.

Quechua radio is predominant in the Andes but most of the programing is in Spanish with only Quechua in certain time slots. Rural community radio broadcast mostly in Quechua in contrast with city radio that is usually in Spanish. Most of the radio segments in Quechua do not have much dialogue instead they play songs or religious content. However some radios such as a radio in Chinchero which is near Cuzco. Chinchero is one of the oldest communities in Peru. Most of its people are Quechua speakers and they make a living through agriculture and their beautiful textiles which they are known all over the world. They still use the Inca way of weaving textiles which is a show in itself to see them weave. Consequently, there is no surprise that in a town as traditional as Chinchero the radio is vastly in Quechua. Below an example of an Evangelical group that set up a radio in Huancayo.

However, there is a strong growth of Quechua radio because of the organization of Peruvian Quechua Radio stations. Red Quechua Peruana (The Peruvian Quechua Network) serves the purpose to promote the the Andean and Amazonian culture. The network started as an initiative by radio directors and radio center in the Southern Andean region and the central part of Peru. They produce a weekly show of half an hour together besides their own shows.

Click on the picture to listen to the broadcast.

The shows talk about problems that plague their communities as well as ways to promote their culture. The radio has served Quechua speaking communities as an outlet to promote certain issues such as bilingual education in their communities. Some shows talk about politics that usually revolved around the environment, education and inclusion. Below is an example of a quechua radio broadcast that talks about bilingual education and its importance to the Quechua community.  It also promotes going to school and how important that is for the growth of the community. Through radio the Quechua communities are able to organize and talk about issues that matter to them. The improve of political discussion has help them improve their participation in Peruvian politics. Nowadays, more Quechua speakers are in congress than ever before.

For a list of Quechua stations click on List of Radio stations.


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