Blogs in Quechua

Due to the high internet penetration in Peru compare to other countries with the same economic level, people from all over Peru can have some kind of internet access. It may not be fast speed broadband but it is usually dialup instead. Most peruvian even in urban areas use an internet caffe to access the internet. For about 50 cents of sol which is less than 20 cents of US dollars, people can enjoy the internet for 30 minutes.

The cheap and easy access to internet has allow many people to start their own blogs. One of the best blogs is Habla Quechua. It is a blog created by N who is a Quechua interpreter and lawyer. Her blogs talks about Andean culture, teaches quechua, helps people translate from Quechua to Spanish and offers her services as a lawyer to Quechua people. She makes posts in both Quechua and Spanish but her videos are mostly in Quechua where she talks to indigenous people about issues in the community. Below she talks in both Spanish and Quechua in Barra de Mujeres a show about women’s political and social problems. She talks about the importance in Quechua and how there should be more interpreters for Quechua speakers. She also talks about the problem of inclusion of Peruvian main stream society and the disparity between Quechua community and Spanish speakers.

Most other blogs are usually in Quechua and Spanish. They focus more on teaching Quechua so the majority of the content is in Spanish. For example quechuanuestralengua and allillanchu are blogs dedicated to teach Quechua culture and language. They have folktales written in both languages as well as phrases and sayings.

Another blog that was one of the pioneers in Quechua was Tukuy niraq willakuykuna by Nancy Ayala. It was a blog for the Radio Peru network part of a huge media conglomerate in Peru. It was a very popular blog but it ended a couple years after it started.

A noteworthy group of blogs that are not in Quechua but are made by Quechua people are: tambobamba and ccatcca. Helped by the Living Culture Storybases groups, these two blogs record the history of the Quechua people by interviewing village elders for them to tell their life stories, sayings and folktales. Living Culture Storybases also sets workshops to teach people how to create their own blogs so they can continue their recording their culture.  Below a video of a workshop in Cuzco where young kids were thought the tools necessary to make their own blogs.

For a detail explanation of the state of Quechua on the internet visit: Global voices.


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