Quechua TV

Out of all the media outlets, Television in Quechua is in its most primitive stage. There are no Quechua channels in Peruvian television. Not even shows are broadcasted that are fully in Quechua. There is one show that teaches Quechua but it is once a week and it does not have high rankings. Quechua in Peruvian Television network is non existant however there is hope for Peruvian Quechua Television online.

All of the TV programs in Quechua are online and they are usually segments of a much bigger show. For example,  Barra de Mujeres is a very interesting show in mulaTV, an online TV station. In the show they talk about women’s problems and ways to solve them. They have a segment in Quechua called Rikunakuspa where they talk about issues that affect Andean women. This show has been very effective in helping women all over Peru but specially Andean women. Below an interview of Claudia Coari, a congresswoman from Peru of the nationalist party. In this excerpt, they talk about the situation of women in Puno especially when winter comes.

Other Quechua tv shows is SAQRAKUNA created by Tarpurisunchis. “Tarpurisunchis Apurimac, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improving the quality of education and development in Peru’s Apurimac region. This new television program in the mother tongue (Quechua) is a testament to that potential. Saqrakuna is a Quechua language television program in Peru, and is a unique and pioneering effort. Saqrakuna seeks to empower youth in their identification with their own culture and language.Through Saqrakuna, Tarpurisunchis Apurimac aims to train young journalists in Apurimac who speak the language. “Given the difficult geography of our region, we must recognize that there are many communication problems. Therefore, Tarpu is strengthening the capacities of the new journalists. It is promoting a training program aimed at strengthening three basic elements: an ethical-political approach to help young journalists define information and how to use sources; the communicative dimension that helps them think about how to inform, and develop creativity; and the technological dimensions that enable them to learn the latest technology, the latest tools and work with them. Actually there are about 25 young people from all provinces in the program for 2 years.” – Saqrakuna Website

This project is extremely well written and produce. I am currently watching it religiously. It teaches so much about Andean culture by people who live it everyday and the presenters speak Quechua slowly so people like me who do not speak it so fluently or much at all can understand. Even though they only have 3 shows so far, they are very well develop. My favorite part is when they travel to a different town and they talk about all the things you can do there. They have their own youtube channel saqrakuna.


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