Quechua and its media has come a long way in Peru but there is still much more to be done. There is still a stigma that follows Quechua as a language for the poor and uneducated but is wrong. I am currently studying Quechua. It is sad that I lived in Peru for 10 years but I learned Quechua in Miami. Quechua is a beautiful language that enables the speaker to express themselves fully and lyrically. Quechua will live as long as Peruvians try to keep it alive. The media are a huge part of keeping Quechua alive. It allows indigenous communities to have a voice, organized, teach their culture and their language and it brings pride to the community.

Quechua media have a huge impact on the Quechua speaking population as wel as the non-Quechua speaking population. It encourages people from Lima like myself to learn the beautiful language of our ancestor and shows us to respect the direct descendants of such glorious empire.  Going to Peru this past month allowed me to see how Peru has changed in its views towards Quechua. For example, Miski Takiy, a show for Peruvian folklore, has a new section in Quechua. This new section teaches Quechua.  It was very exciting for me to see this because this will be the first show that all Peru gets to see in Quechua. Miki Takiy is broadcast by TV Perú.

Quechua is starting to resurface as the world falls in love with its costumes. Quechua is being thought not only in Peru but around the world. UM has its own Quechua program and club. However, it does not matter how much foreigners love Quechua, if Peruvians do not care for the language. Peruvian society needs to leave prejudice aside an embrace their multicultural heritage. Quechua and Spanish can both coexist on the same level. Quechua media is helping bring Quechua to its rightful place as the primary language of Peru alongside Spanish.

¡Kausachun Peru! (Long Live Peru)


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