Quechua in the Social Media

There is not much presence of Quechua in Twitter and Facebook. @hablemosquechua is twitter handle with the most hits when it comes to Quechua. it is mostly in Spanish but it teaches Quechua. It has a word or phrase of the day style so everyday  there are posts that help the person following the twitter to learn quechua in a day by day basis. Looking through the #Quechua, there is not much conversation on Twitter about Quechua just people trying to teach each other how to speak Quechua. Facebook has about 110, ooo of its users who speak Quechua or have declared that they speak Quechua on Facebook. Most of them come from Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador but there is a big number from the US as well. Facebook has a new program where it allows users to translate the website to different languages that are not already in the variety of languages given by Facebook.  Even though Quechua is not very big in the social media, I was surprised to see that there are Microsoft software in Quechua. So people who only speak Quechua can have access to technology, as well.



2 thoughts on “Quechua in the Social Media

  1. Hello,

    Mi name is Katrine. I find your page on the whole topic of quechua in tne medias very interesting.
    I am currently writing an assignment for my uni degree on the role of quechua en Peru, and then I found your page which seems to have very relevant information.
    But I cannot seem to be able to find your name to be able to make references on the topic.
    Would you be interested in sharing your name as one of my sources?
    Saludos, Katrine

    • My name is Rosa Orihuela and I am a student from the University of Miami, you can find more information on the excerpts and videos linked in this page.

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