Quechua and its media has come a long way in Peru but there is still much more to be done. There is still a stigma that follows Quechua as a language for the poor and uneducated but is wrong. I am currently studying Quechua. It is sad that I lived in Peru for 10 years […]

Quechua in the Social Media

There is not much presence of Quechua in Twitter and Facebook. @hablemosquechua is twitter handle with the most hits when it comes to Quechua. it is mostly in Spanish but it teaches Quechua. It has a word or phrase of the day style so everyday  there are posts that help the person following the twitter to […]

Impact of Quechua media in Peru

Having their own TV, radio and blogs is helping keep Quechua alive. Not long ago, Quechua was a language at risk of extinction. Many articles gave Quechua a tragic ends as many Peruvian have  a long ingrained prejudice against speaking Quechua.  Even the government was against supporting Quechua. Most Peruvians had a romanticize view of Quechua as the language of […]

Movies in Quechua

In the 70’s, there was a wave of movies with themes about agriculture and people who live on the countryside. The movies were based on national literature with huge indigenous tendencies. Some examples of this movies are: Kuntur Wachana (1977), Laulico (1980), Los Perros Hambrientos (1976) and Yawar Fiesta (1986). Laulico was one of the first movies that was 100% in Quechua. It is about […]

Quechua TV

Out of all the media outlets, Television in Quechua is in its most primitive stage. There are no Quechua channels in Peruvian television. Not even shows are broadcasted that are fully in Quechua. There is one show that teaches Quechua but it is once a week and it does not have high rankings. Quechua in […]

Blogs in Quechua

Due to the high internet penetration in Peru compare to other countries with the same economic level, people from all over Peru can have some kind of internet access. It may not be fast speed broadband but it is usually dialup instead. Most peruvian even in urban areas use an internet caffe to access the internet. For about […]

Radio Quechua

The most widely use Quechua  communication outlet is the radio. It is economical and not hard to set up. Most of these radio stations are privately finance,  partially finance by NGO’s or companies such as Xtrata, they are not protected in any way by the government. Quechua radio is predominant in the Andes but most of […]